About Us

Millennium Corporate Travel( MCT) entered the Corporate Travel arena in 1997 based originally in the City of London.

Now some 20 years later and re-located in the market town of Hertford we are operative specialists in a “niche market” servicing the often diverse travel requirements for a growing number of SMEs who require a high-touch, personalized hands on approach. MCT fulfils the needs of it’s discerning customer base by delivering “REAL ADDED VALUE”

What we are and do for you:

  • Offer a bespoke travel facility designed to match your specific travel criteria
  • Every customer is treated differently as an individual
  • We provide transparent fee options which are simplistic, highly cost effective and significantly lower than the industry norm. We therefore ensure your travel budget is maximised and you  keep service processing costs to an absolute justifiable minimum without compromising on service levels
  • We work with diligence to create trust which together brings customer loyalty and longevity to all our working relationships and agreements between ourselves and indeed our suppliers
  • Rapid personalized response from a dedicated team of travel professionals
  • Access to a seamless travel booking experience either off-line or on-line
  • As your travel broker, we source our booking systems and the internet to provide our customers with an unbiased number of travel options for your ultimate consideration and selection
  • MCT is totally committed to offering our customers – FLEXIBILITY AND CHOICE
  • We are deeply passionate about all that we do for our customers and always wish to say “YES”
  • Our operating licences and membership consortiums ensure that we provide tough competition and essential buying power to surpass the service levels of much bigger rivals who often fail to deliver a truly unbeatable personal and cost effective travel solution to meet individual company’s travel expectations

What we are not:

  • Call centre
  • Robotic order takers
  • Menu driven
  • Inflexible
  • Non-imaginative
  • Lacking vision
  • Intolerant
  • Apathetic

Our only wish is to now assist you in making the transitional change to MCT as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Simply go to CONTACT US, fill in the enquiry form and we will be ready to begin the process of change that will make your Corporate Travel experience a first class journey for a low cost fee.

+44 (0) 1992 660 400